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[17 Nov 2009|01:36pm]

[ mood | curious ]

ok so a random question Ive been going the gym and working on my chest muscle is this a bad idea to do so because after top surgery if my chest muscles get big enough would my nipples end up a lot lower then what they should???

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Any little bit helps, thanks in advance! [22 Aug 2009|06:00pm]

Click link!

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toys. [15 Jun 2009|07:21pm]

hey there.
The reason I am posting this here is because in the last few years these lj communities have done nothing but good for me, so this is me giving back.

First, a bit about me..
I am currently 1 year and 6 months into medical transition. I take 100 mg of injectable testosterone every ten days. I am 3 months post chest reconstruction surgery. Since starting on hormones my entire sexual world has opened and my likes/dislikes have changed completely. With my ever changing body I am more in tune to explore and that's why I am here.. to share my experiences. Basically I took another job up.. testing out sex toys. I have created this on-line journal in order to post about toys I have tested in order to broaden a perspective from someone who identifies as FTM. There are many sex toys out there and the growing trans community seems to be at a loss as to what might better work for their bodies and minds. I would like to be another voice in the mix to help people who might need a reference. If you'd like to add me (toys_for_t_boys) please feel free. I promise I wont fill your page with loads of crap, as I really only do about 3 reviews a week. Usually under cuts as to not take up too much space. anyway, I hope my reviews help in your search for the perfect toy!
ps. I just got started on this project so there really isn't much to read yet.

x-posted. Apologies if you see this a few times.
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ftm surveys [15 May 2009|10:21am]

Jamison Green the former President of FTMInternational is interested in the sexual health and satisfaction of all trans men, whether or not they have had hormones or surgery, and in the experiences of their partners. Two surveys are available for trans men and their partners to help with the research. He will use the data as raw material for a book, tentatively entitled "The FTM Guide to SEX," plus academic presentations and journal articles to educate medical and therapeutic service providers about trans lives.
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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS [29 Jan 2008|10:19am]

We are looking for submissions for a new SOFFA anthology.

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Pre-revision pics? Peri borderline? [16 Apr 2007|11:23pm]

Hey friends,

I was hoping someone would be kind enough to share pre-revision top surgery photos with me. I'm borderline for peri with Dr. Fischer and though almost all "borderline" guys/tg peeps I've talked to online said it turned out fine... I'd still like to get an idea how Flat is Fine. The pics on Transster seem to be post-revision if any revision.

Basically, I'm afraid of having "deflated boobies," as Dr. Fischer's nurse Bettye said was likely to happen to my right side (the side that decided to grow bigger and sag, dagnabbit). Revision costs would be another flight out of Seattle (back to Maryland?) and I'm wondering if I should just NOT chance it and go with double incision. Flatten them in one big, surefire swoop, you know?

I'm a 34B. I'd be happy to share photos of my pre-op chest with anyone in similar circumstances or could educate me on what my pre-revision problem might look like.

Thanks all!!
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Calling Baltimore!!!!!! [23 Jan 2007|12:37pm]

Are you Trans? Genderqueer? SOFFAS?

Do you feel like we get no support in Baltimore? Feel like we could use some more?

This is just an informal inquiry, please respond in any way you want to... but I am after numbers here.

How many Trans/gender queer/bending folk do we have here? SOFFAS too... I want everyone's word on this.

X posted like it's my full-time job. I want to apologize to anyone who is seeing this a million times
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[19 Oct 2006|11:54pm]

(Please let me know if this post is offensive or not allowed and I’ll delete it promptly.)

Hi everyone,

(For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m an almost 17 year old out lesbian high school student from Sydney, Australia.)Well, this year I’m in my final year of school in Australia and I’m doing my Higher School Certificate (that’s, um, like the equivalent of the final college exams for you Americans and Brits) and one of my courses is 2 Unit Drama. For this I have to present a 6 – 8 minute Individual Performance and I wish to write a piece based on the life of a pre-op transgendered person (at the moment I’m thinking FtM but that may change) to try and challenge myself and raise awareness and acceptance. For this reason I’m asking anyone who is willing to talk to me about their experiences as a transgendered person (FtM, MtF, post-op, pre-op – it doesn’t matter, any help would be invaluable to me) to help me compose my piece. You can email me at silver_qwerty@hotmail.com. Also, any transgendered people in the Sydney, Australia region who are willing to meet up with me, especially FtM, would be absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much guys.

Love Liv xxx

X-posted to other GLBTQ communities across LiveJournal.
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T singing [16 Oct 2006|09:38am]

[ mood | bored ]

So....something for all you T singers out there.....

Do any of you have clips of you singing before/after being on T?

I haven't heard anything like this yet, and I am REALLY interested to know what people's progress with this aspect of transitioning is

Thanks a lot.

~Erik J. Collins


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X-Posted: for my mom [31 Aug 2006|05:41pm]

My mom, during a recent visit during my post-surgical recovery, made LEAPS and STRIDES in progress, and after waiting over 2.5 years, she starting using male pronouns. A lot. In fact, she only slipped a handful of times in her last two days here.

However, on her drive home today, she called to ask what other mothers of people like me say when they refer to our childhoods? She said it's one thing to explain what's going on to people she knows well, but to knew acquaintances and such, what should she say? She's not ready to call me 'her son,' despite the pronouns, and doesn't know what to do about the little girl from my childhood. She thought about making up a twin with my new name, and somewhere in her 20's, the daughter died. It seemed ridiculous to make up a whole new kid instead of making minor adjustments to her old stories of me.

Any suggestions? How did your parents manage this change in storytelling?

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about drains [27 Aug 2006|08:20am]

Hey everyone--

I want to thank you all for the great advice you offered about the surgery. I had mine last Thursday with Medalie in Cleveland (double incision with nipple grafting), and so far so good. I get my drains out on Wednesday, but in the meantime, the draining is funky. So more advice...

For days there's been very, very little draining. There was no clotting, just little juice. And then yesterday, I started feeling pressure under my surgical binder, like something was swelling up. This morning I awoke to find the left drain almost half-full, and the right one still pretty empty. What's going on? Am I doing something wrong to cause this build-up in one side? Any suggestions?

Thanks, guys, for everything.

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Anyone want post op GEAR? [26 Aug 2006|10:12pm]

So I have a Large size compression garment for post surgery (or binding). I've honestly never used it for binding so I can't say how effective/comfortable it would be, but I think it would do the trick.

I would say that this is the "Cadillac" model of compression gear. It has velcro adjustable shoulder straps, eye/hook AND zipper enclosure. It's breathable, soft and beats the good ol' ace bandage.

Believe it or not, I bought it for a whopping $60CAD! I'll let it go for $30USD and even cover shipping to USA or Canada.

Hit me up: filmmaker_18@hotmail.com if you're interested or have questions.

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cross-posted: post-surgery inquiry [03 Aug 2006|01:02am]

Okay, guys, my top surgery is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, August 24th, with Dr. Daniel Medalie in Cleveland. I'm super psyched, but I have some questions that I hope some of you post-surgical folks out there can help me with:

Cut for an attempt at brevity...Collapse )

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questions [27 Jul 2006|07:34pm]
My name's Mike and I'm pre-everything. I'm 18 and out to 98% of my friends who are pretty cool about me being transgendered although they still call me by my birth name for the most part. I used to rarely bind, but am begining to do it more often, hopefully daily althought its with ACE bandages. I do not pack, use a STP device, or go into the male restrooms. My father knows, but completly ignores the fact and the rest of my family has no idea.

Here's my questions:

I'm a senior in high school, and in JROTC (I love the program and Idk if me being out would create an issue). Would it be a good move to come out to the highschool so I could graduate under my prefered name? I'm worried about the Staff and Administration reaction, not as much the students.

Also, what can I start under the radar living in my house without my parents knowing this year to get a jump on transistioning??

Does anyone know of some good colleges in TX that are friendly with Transistioning??

Anything else that you all know that could help me out???
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comments needed. [15 Jul 2006|09:52am]

okay,so one of my fren is pre-t and just had his first shot 2 weeks ago.
now hes a lil hesitant about continuing it because hes really unsure about the side effects on t.
so id really really appreciate it if you guys can name me some of the examples such as mood swings,hair growth etc.
also,he wld like to knoe if weight increase,or gettin more hungry is a sure thing?
thanks alot man.i owe it to this community.

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Am I "just running away"? (X-posted everywhere) [10 Jul 2006|09:51am]

[ mood | fucked ]

I'm fortunate to be very self-aware, almost to the point of being too introspective at times. I know myself very well- I know my patterns. Obviously, it's important to examine those patterns, particularly the negative ones, before making any irreversible decisions. So this entry is going to be kind of negative, but it's something that has to be done.

I've suffered from occasionally incapacitating self-doubt my entire life. I have had a tumultuous past. I'm an only child. My parents divorced just as I was graduating high school. My father just wanted out, and my mother was intolerable to live with. (To make a long story short, she kicked me out and then harassed me and the family who took me in for months, claiming the family "sucked me in"- that's the kind of person she is.) Ever since I graduated high school I've been aimlessly wandering the world, it seems. I've been to five different colleges and flunked out three times, mostly because I just can't stick with anything long enough to make it work, or I start some program and then realize I totally hate it and can't imagine myself doing whatever it is for the rest of my life. I've lived many places, including England, where I was married for a couple of years. (Incidentally, my ex husband was an MTF who, for reasons I still don't understand, halted transition and decided to live as his birth gender.) I don't have a great employment history, either, never having held a job for more than a few months.

Often, I feel that I've failed or quit everything I've ever tried, that I'm never going to be anything more than a drifter, that I'm utterly useless and I'm going to continue to be utterly useless until I just pick something and stick with it. I can convince myself, and people around me, of anything. For instance, I can point out many things in my past that would seem to lend themselves to my pursuing a particular major in college, or a particular job. I've can't even count how many times I've done that, and yet I've never been able to bring any of those ideas to fruition. I'm interested in everything, I just don't seem to have the intestinal fortitude to see anything through. I do believe that if I'd really been able to put forth the effort in many, if not all, of those situations, I might actually have found myself in a fulfilling career. How do I know that transition isn't just another one of these ventures of mine, undertaken in a moment of manic enthusiasm? How can I possibly know if this is right for me, when so many things have seemed so right for me in the past and haven't been, or at least, I've decided they haven't been?

Part of the problem is that every time I'd get an idea I wanted to pursue as a child/teenager, my well-meaning (but mentally ill) mother would tell me that I was "just running away", and that I should simply pursue option A, the one she picked for me, because it was safe and practical. I was going to the two-year county community college and I was going to be a nurse. At sixteen I was on the waiting list for the nursing program. Well, I'm 28 now, and I'm obviously not a nurse. Thing is, I'm not much of anything. I feel like I'm losing precious time. I feel like if I don't make some decisions really damn soon, I'm going to grow old still being a lot of "almosts" and "used-to-be's". It's scary.

In my defense, there have been reasons why I've found it difficult to get things accomplished. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia/CFS at the age of 14. I've dealt with chronic depression and generalized anxiety disorder for many years, and one of the times I flunked out of college was due to having been put on an antidepressant (Paxil) that did a lot more harm than good. I've always had some problems with attention span, but my antidepressants have increased the ADD-like symptoms over the years. Also, as I've mentioned before, I have chronic back problems, largely due to my breasts. The pain is constan, and at times it's so severe that I can't walk without a cane. Then there are the hormone imbalance issues, which cause a whole other cluster of problems. Of course, I can't afford health insurance, so most of this stuff just goes untreated and continues to worsen. I don't look at any of this stuff as an excuse, though. People get through worse than this and become very successful. Why can't I be the same? Why shouldn't I be?

So here are some more questions: If I've got all these issues already, why do I want to add transitioning to my list of "complications"? Why am I even considering this? Do I think it's going to somehow solve all my problems? Do I hate being a woman, or do I just hate my body? After all, there are ways to change my body that don't involve becoming a man. Here's another problem: if I answer these questions with big long explanations, am I just going to be trying to convince myself of one thing or another based on whatever feels comfortable at this particular moment? In light of that idea, I'm going to leave those questions alone for now, and close by saying, "Boy, am I fucked."

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Online vs. Real Life [06 Jul 2006|10:25am]

[ mood | curious ]

(X-posted everywhere)

Yeah, I know, for some of us there's no difference. But has anyone else noticed that you have naturally projected as your correct gender online, perhaps even long before you actually found yourself consciously identifying as that gender? In various chat rooms and games, where I have a completely androgynous screen name, people tend to assume I am male. Obviously, the 'Net provides a medium for expressing onesself without outward physical appearance getting in the way, but are there really distinctively "masculine" and "feminine" mannerisms that reveal themselves even though text alone? *ponders*

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The draft. [05 Jul 2006|03:37pm]

[ mood | curious ]

For the sake of argument, let's say I'm going to go through with this. If I become a man, does that mean I have to register for Selective Service? In other words, could I be drafted? Or could I get around that by explaining that I'm one of those sicko trannies? How does that work? Because I totally don't want to "die for my country".

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BWEEP! BWEEP! BWEEP! INCOMING FTM! [04 Jul 2006|11:29pm]

(X-posted everywhere...)

Hi. I'm Morgan, and I'm a boy, at least sometimes. I'm at the beginning of all this, and I'm exploring the possibilities of transition, and the idea of being a boy more than sometimes- more like full-time. Maybe. It's all very scary right now, scary and liberating and unsettling and invigorating. I'm sure you've heard it all before. I'm looking to make contact with transgendered individuals, FTM's in particular. So, right. This is me initiating dialogue.
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update on headache issue [13 Jun 2006|10:54am]

I just went to the doc (endo) regarding the headache issue posted below:

He said the 'congestion' in my ears is just that, a sinus thing unrelated to the headache. He said there is fluid build-up in my left ear, and gave me a decongestant for it. Sex, he said, can trigger sinus congestion and/or the migraine I seemed to have experienced last night, what with the different breathing patterns, raised blood pressure, etc. involved in the act.

The migraine triggered by sex might also be triggered secondly by the change in chemical balance in my body and brain due to the T. He said it's rare in men in general, especially FTMs, but possible. He's reducing the frequency of my shots to my old cycle (10-days instead of 7-day).

If in 6 weeks I still get migraines during sex, we'll know it's not related to the T and can put the cycle back at 7-days. I'm sad about the change-- 7-day was perfect for me in every other regard. I hope this works.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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