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cross-posted: post-surgery inquiry

Okay, guys, my top surgery is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, August 24th, with Dr. Daniel Medalie in Cleveland. I'm super psyched, but I have some questions that I hope some of you post-surgical folks out there can help me with:

1. I live with my girlfriend, and my mom or dad will be here with us at any given time for the first week following surgery. One of my big fears is not being able to use the restroom by myself (maneuvering clothing, reaching to wipe, etc.). I cannot accurately project how handicapped I will be in the first few days. Will this even be an issue, and if so, how did you deal with it?

2. What is your best recommendation for aiding quick healing? Any diet, vitamin/mineral regiment, oil/lotion application, exercises, etc. that you'd specifically suggest trying? I don't want to stretch my scars, and would like to heal as unproblematically as possible.

3. How long did you stay out of work? I wait tables, but will change to hosting tables for the first few months following surgery, as it involves lifting only menus, not huge trays of drinks and food. They say everyone's different, but what was YOUR experience?

4. Did you have any after-surgery shock or freak-outs, say, when you first woke up, or first saw the scarring, or whatever? I just want to know it's normal if/when it happens to me...

5. Any other miscellaneous advice you can offer would be awesome.

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