Milo (lebanez17) wrote in ftm_pre_2_post,

update on headache issue

I just went to the doc (endo) regarding the headache issue posted below:

He said the 'congestion' in my ears is just that, a sinus thing unrelated to the headache. He said there is fluid build-up in my left ear, and gave me a decongestant for it. Sex, he said, can trigger sinus congestion and/or the migraine I seemed to have experienced last night, what with the different breathing patterns, raised blood pressure, etc. involved in the act.

The migraine triggered by sex might also be triggered secondly by the change in chemical balance in my body and brain due to the T. He said it's rare in men in general, especially FTMs, but possible. He's reducing the frequency of my shots to my old cycle (10-days instead of 7-day).

If in 6 weeks I still get migraines during sex, we'll know it's not related to the T and can put the cycle back at 7-days. I'm sad about the change-- 7-day was perfect for me in every other regard. I hope this works.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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